A Dynamic Analysis of Pastoral Society in Central Asia: From Domestication to Climate Change

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News & Topics

 April 22-24, 2020, at Oxford University, UK
5th OIDC (Oxford Interdisciplinary Desert Conference)
(※Canceled by the pandemic of COVID-19)
Sesion title: Human-animal relations in Central Asia: A focus on camels
“Two species of camels and their crossbreeding in Central Asia”
                                                     Kaoru IMAMURA
“Possible connection between long-term population size decrease and
domestication of two camel species”                   Naruya SAITOU
“Livestock rearing techniques in drylands—case study of camel training”
“Field validation: the traditional grazing techniques adapted to recent
environmental changes”                             Buho HOSHINO

Session title: Sedendarization of nomadic pastoralists in Central Asia and the
Mongolian Plateau: a diachronic observation
“Seasonal mobility and “sedentarization” of nomadic pastoralists in the
mountain environments of Kyrgyzstan during the time of spread of early
farming and pastoralism 4,500-3,000 years ago”           Shogo KUME
“Sedentarization and Migration of Nomadic Turkmens from the Sixteenth
through the Nineteenth Centuries”                   Akifumi SHIOYA
“Kazakh Herdsmen and Pastoral Society on the Eve of the Forced
Collectivization and Sedentarization”                   Tetsuro CHIDA
“Sedentarization of Mongolian pastoralists from the latter half of the 20th in
the MuUs sandy land, Inner Mongolia, China”        Kanako KODAMA
“The nature of seasonal mobility of Kazakh pastoralists in Mongolia in the
21st century”                                        Chieko HIROTA

June 27-29, 2019 at Univeristy of Exeter, UK
ESCAS (The European Society for Central Asian Studies) 16th Biennial Conference
Panel Title: The evidence and impact of globalization in pastoral societies in Central Asia
Chair: Akifumi SHIOYA
“Development of early farming and pastoralism in eastern Central Asia in the
Bronze Age: recent excavations at the Bronze Age sites of the Fergana
Valley and the Tien Shan mountains”                    Shogo KUME
“The ecological crisis and resilience: the livestock robustness in
Kazakhstanpart of the Aral Sea region”                Tetsuro CHIDA
“Cultural diversity caused by globalisation in Central Asia: the current trends
in production and use of felt rugs (‘Sirmaq’) among Kazakhs”
“The distribution of the two domestic camel species and their hybrids in Kazakhstan caused by climatic and economic factors”
Kaoru Imamura, Sabyr Nurtazin

June 1, 2019, at Tohoku University, Japan
JASCA (The Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology), The 53th Annual Meeting
Panel Title: Historical-Ecological analysis of pastoral societies in Central Asia